IOI Governing Board

In memoriam of Ambassador Salvino Busuttil 1936 - 2016


The IOI family is deeply saddened by the news of the death of great friend and supporter, Ambassador Salvino Busuttil.  

From the beginnings of the IOI, throughout his long collaboration with Elisabeth Mann Borgese, and until the very last weeks, he supported and advised the IOI and generously gave of his time through his work on the IOI’s Governing Board where he served as Member and representative of the host country to the Board.  


In recognition of his sterling service and tireless support to the IOI since its foundation, and as a member of the Institute’s Governing Board and IOI Host Country Representative since 2004, Ambassador Salvino Busuttil was awarded of the EMB Medal by the Board of Governance in 2010.  


                                                                          Our condolences go to his family. 

The IOI Governing Board (IOI GB) is the constituent body of the Institute and the decision-making organ and the Institute is represented at law and otherwise by the Board and besides by the President. The Board meets annually and is composed of up to 12 Members with full voting rights including the President, Vice-President, the Honorary President, Chair of the Network of Centres, a Host Country Representative, nominated by the Government of the host country of the IOI-HQ and Treasurer. All are selected on the basis of their expertise and their experience and linkages with major policy development institutions and funding bodies, either of governmental, intergovernmental, non-governmental nature, and private sector.  The Members serve in their personal capacity.


The IOI Governing Board governs the Institute and retains oversight for all IOI activities, the strategic development, the Institute's management, finances and fundraising. Board members are closely involved in the activities of the institute and take responsibility for defined tasks. They are selected on the basis of their expertise and their experience and linkages with major policy development institutions and funding bodies, either of governmental, intergovernmental, non-governmental nature and the private sector.


In 2016 the GB members are: 

  1. Mr. Nikolaus GELPKE, President
  2. Dr. Awni BEHNAM, Honorary President
  3. Dr. Mahin FAGHFOURI, Vice-President
  4. Dr. Werner EKAU, Chair of IOI Directors
  5. Mr. Peter W. LEDER, Treasurer
  6. Professor Salvino BUSUTTIL, Representative of the Government of Malta to the IOI Governing Board
  7. Dr. Lawrence HILDEBRAND, Member 
  8. Ms. Anita COADY, Member 
  9. Professor Alfred J. VELLA, Member
  10. Dr. Chua THIA-ENG, Member


  1. Ms. Antonella VASSALLO, Managing Director