IOI Representative at the PRE-INC 2 ASIA ONLINE FORUM: Benefits of the plastic pollution treaty; 10 May 2023
IOI-nominated representative Jai Acharya (IOI Singapore Focal Point, Director IOI Ocean Academy) attended the online PEMSEA regional forum on “the benefits of the plastic pollution treaty, specifically on the potential provisions on high-risk plastic product categories, circularity, and financing mechanisms”.

IOI Participation during the UN Trade Forum 2023 - Toward the SDG Summit 2023: High-impact trade initiatives for accelerating the SDGs
The third UN Trade Forum, hosted by UNCTAD, focused on tailoring trade policies to address current global challenges and enhance the resilience of trading systems, particularly in developing countries. Dr. Awni Behnam and other representatives from the IOI participated in a session that emphasized building a sustainable ocean economy, highlighting the shared recognition of the ocean's critical role in global trade and the need to integrate environmental considerations into trade policies.

IOI Alumni Continuous Professional Development Webinar Series: Sailing into the Blue Economy
As part of IOI's continuing commitment to IOI Alumni, a series of topical webinars are planned for 2023 with the aim of sharing unique perspectives and state of the art developments. Expert speakers shall offer new insights, while focussed interactions between practitioners and the speakers are designed to add cutting edge knowledge to experience.

IOI Canada Online Course on Ocean Governance: SDG14 and the UN Summit of the Future, 11 April - 1 June 2023
Over 130 participants from nearly 50 countries have registered for this interdisciplinary training which combines webinar-style lectures, discussions, readings, videos and assignments.

IOI South Africa Ocean Governance Programme : Applications Now Open
IOI South Africa is happy to announce that the annual 4-week Ocean Governance Training Programme will take place from the 4 - 29 September 2023.

Obituary Vladimir Vladimirovich Golitsyn (27/02/47 – 26/03/23)
The Ocean has lost another champion with the passing of Judge Vladimir Vladimirovich Golitsyn on 26 March 2023. During his long career Judge Golitsyn was a key contributor to the development of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Costa Rica, Thailand; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED:  Singapore, India, Portugal, Pakistan
A total of 324 registrations were received for all four courses and out of the participants selected, 89 successfully completed the course with 80% or more participation.

Survival at stake: Negotiations resume on an international legally binding instrument under UNCLOS
Liliana Rodriguez Cortes, Delegate of the IOI to the United Nations in New York, takes part in the Resumed Fifth Session of the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) on an international legally binding instrument under UNCLOS on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.

UNEP and IOI sign a 4-year Memorandum of Understanding, 13 February 2023
The agreement provides a framework of cooperation to achieve the shared goals and objectives of UNEP and IOI.

The first book from the WORLD OCEAN REVIEW series of publications - LIVING WITH THE OCEANS - now available also in Japanese
Dr Kensuke Yamaguchi and his team at the University of Tokyo make the first World Ocean Review available to a new audience of Japanese-language readers.

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