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IOI Ocean Academy: REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Maldives; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED: Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives

IOI Ocean Academy: REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Costa Rica, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore ((हिंदी) SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED: Nigeria, Türkiye, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore
Register now for the next IOI Ocean Academy courses; read about the courses recently completed as well as the Launch of Singapore's new courses in Hindi (हिंदी)

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Pakistan, Maldives;  SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED:  Ukraine, Costa Rica, Thailand,  Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Black & Mediterranean Seas

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Costa Rica, Thailand; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED:  Singapore, India, Portugal, Pakistan
A total of 324 registrations were received for all four courses and out of the participants selected, 89 successfully completed the course with 80% or more participation.

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: India; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Courses: South Africa, Pakistan, Singapore, India, Maldives, Turkey, Egypt

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Singapore; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Courses: Black and Mediterranean Seas, Portugal, Pakistan, Singapore, Kazakhstan
Register for upcoming courses in 2023 and read reports on five more successfully completed IOI Ocean Academy Courses in 2022.

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Egypt, Turkey, Black & Mediterranean Seas, South Africa, Maldives; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED: South Africa, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Pakistan

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED: Singapore, Egypt; LAUNCH of the Ocean Academy in Pakistan and South Africa
Learn more and register for the upcoming IOI Ocean Academy Programmes. Read reports on two more successfully delivered programmes and the launch the Ocean Academy in two more countries.

IOI OCEAN ACADEMY: REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Pakistan, Portugal, South Africa; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED: Maldives, India, Black and Mediterranean Seas
Register for the next IOI Ocean Academy Programmes and read the reports on three more successfully delivered Programmes.

The IOI OCEAN ACADEMY: Ocean Knowledge for all, Programme launched as part of the IOI's 50th Anniversary
The IOI Ocean Academy was launched as part of the IOI’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations with pilot courses in 2021 paving the way for a fully-fledged launch of global academies in 2022 to mark this special year.

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