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  • WOR 1: Living with the Oceans. Order/Download
  • WOR 2: The Future of Fish – The Fisheries of the Future. Order/Download
  • WOR 3: Marine Resources – Opportunities and Risks. Order/Download
  • WOR 4: Sustainable Use of Our Oceans – Making Ideas Work. Order/Download 
  • WOR 5: Coasts – A Vital Habitat Under Pressure. Order/Download
  • WOR 6:The Arctic and Antarctic – Extreme, Climatically Crucial and In Crisis Order/Download




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Past Conferences (1970-2013):


1.      PIM I - Malta 1970: Quiet Enjoyment: Arms Control and Police Forces for the Oceans

2.      PIM II - Malta 1971: A Constitution for the Oceans

3.      PIM III - Malta 1972: Economic Potential of the Oceans

4.      PIM IV - Malta 1973: Regional Cooperation in the Caribbean

5.      PIM V - Malta 1974: The Common Heritage of Mankind

6.      PIM VI - Okinawa, Japan 1975: The Sea We Would Like to See

7.      PIM VII - Mexico 1976: The Law of the Sea and Latin America

8.      PIM VIII - Algeria 1977: The Law of the Sea and the New International and Economic Order

9.      PIM IX - Yaounde, Cameroon 1978: Africa and the Law of the Sea

10.    PIM X - Vienna, Austria 1980: The Monitoring of Ocean Processes, The Surveillance of Uses, and The Enforcement of Agreed Rules of

         Management and Conservation

11.    PIM XI - Mexico 1981: National Legislation and the New Law of the Sea

12.    PIM XII - Colombo, Sri Lanka 1982: Marine Sciences and the New Law of the Sea

13.    PIM XIII - Norrtalje, Sweden 1984: The Denuclearization of the Oceans

14.    PIM XIV - USSR 1985: Technical, Legal, Environmental and Economic Aspects of Shipping and Navigation

15.    PIM XV - Valletta, Malta 1987: The Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Maltese Initiative which led to

         UNCLOS III

16.    PIM XVI - Halifax, Canada 1988: Ocean Technology, Development Training and Transfer

17.    PIM XVII - Moscow, USSR 1989: Peace in the Oceans: the New Era

18.    PIM XVIII - Rotterdam, The Netherlands 1990: Ports as Nodal Points in a Global Transport System

19.    PIM XIX - Lisbon, Portugal 1991: Ocean Governance: National, Regional, Global Institutional Mechanisms of Sustainable

         Development in the Oceans

20.    PIM XX - Valletta, Malta 1992: Ocean Governance: A Model for Global Governance in the 21st Century

21.    PIM XXI - Takaoka, Japan 1993: Ocean Governance: A Model for Regional Seas in the 21st Century

22.    PIM XXII - Madras, India 1994: Sustainable Development and Regional Cooperation

23.    PIM XXIII - San Jose, Costa Rica 1995: Potential Contributions of Ocean Governance and the Law of the Sea to the

         Implementation of the Secretary General's "Agenda for Peace"

24.    PIM XXIV - Beijing, China 1996: Oceans in the 21st Century

25.    PIM XXV - Malta 1997: Common Heritage and the 21st Century

26.    PIM XXVI - Canada 1998: The Crisis of Knowledge: New Directions for Learning and Informed Decision-Making for Oceans and


27.    PIM XXVII - Fiji 1999: Oceans in the New Millennium: Challenges and Opportunities for the Islands

28.    PIM XXVIII - Hamburg, Germany 2000: The European Challenge

29.    PIM XXIX - Cape Town, S Africa 2002: The Ocean in the New Economy

30.    PIM XXX - Kiev, Ukraine 2003: A Year after Johannesburg. Ocean Governance and Sustainable Development: Ocean and

         Coasts - a Glimpse into the Future

31.    PIM XXXI - Townsville, Australia 2005: Building Bridges to Integrated Oceans Governance: Linking Ocean Science,

         Engineering, Science and Policy

32.    PIM XXXII - Malta 2007: Waves of Change: Women, Youth and the Sea

33.    PIM XXXIII - Beijing, PR China 2010: International Conference on Oceans, Climate Change & Sustainable Development:

         Challenges to Oceans & Coastal Cities

34.    PIM XXXIV - Bangkok, Thailand 2013: International Forum on Sustainable Governance of the Ocean: Impacts of climate change &

          ocean related hazards: Water & flood management policy implications, protection, mitigation & adaptation; & follow up of the

          outcome of Rio +20: Implementation of UNCLOS & related instruments in the Southeast Asian region; and Internet Web-Based

          Geographical Information System


The database of Conference Proceedings can be downloaded below:

Database of Conference Proceedings
Pacem in Maribus Conferences (DATABASE o
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Conference Proceedings available (to download):


PIM XXXIV Proceedings (Thailand 2013).ra
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PIM XXXIII Proceedings (China 2010).pdf
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PIM XXXII Proceedings (Malta 2007).zip
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PIM XXXI Proceedings (Australia 2005).pd
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PIM XXVIII Proceedings (Germany 2000).pd
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More documents (Proceedings) will be uploaded soon.



The artworks submitted through the IOI represent a collection of pictures and collages produced by children in countries all around the world where the IOI is present through the activities of its Operational Centres.  


Venues where the Children's Artwork Exhibitions have been held in the past are below:

  • A special children's artwork exhibition, Malta in 2007 
  • IOI participates in the Children's Artwork Exhibition 'Skies and Oceans', Geneva, Switzerland in July 2008
  • Children's festival, Malta in 2009
  • Children's Artwork Exhibition at WMO in 2008 & at the United Nations Building in New York in 2009
  • Children’s Artwork Exhibition: Shown during the World Ocean Conference, 11- 15 May 2009, Manado, Indonesia
  • Children's Artwork Exhibition: IOI Headquarters event held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France between the 8th and 16th June, 2010
  • Children’s Artwork Exhibition: Corinthia Hotel St. George's Bay, October 2014, Malta

Information on the exhibitions held may be obtained from the IOInforma News Bulletin Series above. A catalogue of Children's Artwork displayed at exhibitions is available for download below:


Catalogue of Children's Artwork displayed at Exhibitions
Catalogue - IOI Childrens Artwork Exhibi
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