IOI Gallery for 2018

2nd Training Programme on Ocean Governance, Ocean Sciences and GeoEthics 

(Valparaiso, Chile, 8th January - 2nd February 2018)

6th Training Programme on the Sustainable Development and Governance of the Caspian Sea, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan Organised by the IOI and the State Enterprise on Caspian Sea Issues at the President of Turkmenistan 

(5th - 16th March 2018)

Prof Alan Deidun (Director, IOI Malta Training Centre) designated as Ocean Ambassador for Malta


Alan Deidun (Director, IOI Malta Training Centre) has been appointed Ocean Ambassador for Malta for the United Nations' 2021-2030 decade of ocean science for sustainable development. Prof. Deidun was recommended for the role by Malta’s Environment Minister José Herrera and appointed by Malta’s Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela. In his role as ambassador, Prof Deidun will be responsible for spearheading local initiatives related to ocean science and UN objectives for sustainable development. 


Our congratulations go to Prof Deidun, as well as our best wishes for his success in bringing fresh attention and importance to ocean issues in his new role.