Flyer & Annual Activity Report of the IOI

The annual publication of the IOI is the Activity Report which is printed in hard copy and disseminated widely. This publication shares the knowledge and experience gained from operating the institution and its network.


2016 was another busy year for the International Ocean Institute globally with many of the strategy decisions taken during the 53rd Meeting of the IOI Governing Board in 2015 coming to full fruition over this year and laying the foundations for more future activities. In this year the IOI, through its Centres and their host institutes, and other partners, continued to deliver the hallmark high calibre training courses and capacity development events that constitute the practical underpinning of the IOI.


I invite you to download the IOI’s Annual Report and to read through our 2016 activities; do contact us for more information on topics of interest.


Antonella Vassallo

Managing Director


IOI Annual Report 2016.pdf
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