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Essays in honour of Elisabeth Mann Borgese (1918 - 2002)
The Future of Ocean Governance and Capacity Development

The Future of Ocean Governance and Capacity Development

Essays in Honor of Elisabeth Mann Borgese (1918-2002)


IOI Canada has produced a collection of over 80 insightful essays on the future of ocean governance and capacity development. The book honors the work of Elisabeth Mann Borgese (1918-2002), preeminent ocean advocate and founder of the IOI.


More than 90 leading experts explore future challenges and opportunities for ocean governance and capacity development. Major themes include the law of the sea, ocean sciences, integrated coastal and ocean management, fisheries and aquaculture, communication and negotiations, maritime safety and security, ocean energy, and maritime transportation.


The essay collection is aimed at professionals, students and citizens alike – covering themes that parallel those in the annual Training Program of IOI-Canada. A leading member of the International Ocean Institute's network of centres and focal points worldwide, IOI Canada was founded by Elisabeth Mann Borgese in 1979.



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Publication entitled "Elisabeth Mann-Borgese and the drama of the seas" edited by Holger Pils and Karolina Kühn


This first scientific, illustrated catalogue with numerous photos of the complex and fascinating life portrait of a fighter for the seas. An anthology of the life and work of Elisabeth Mann Borgese published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition held in June 2012 in Lübeck Buddenbrooks House, and thereafter in Kiel and Berlin. In addition to contributions from literary studies, Familienbiografik, jurisprudence and marine research are personal and literary texts as well as a bibliography and a life chronicle add a fascinating, multi-layered portrait of the attorney of the seas. 


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Publication entitled "Sharing Innovative Experiences: Examples of Successful Experiences in Coastal Community Development" 


This Volume 16 of series Sharing Innovative Experiences is a joint initiative of the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP SS) and the International Ocean Institute (IOI), Headquartered in Malta.


The 19 case studies presented in the 2010 publication document the broad ingenuity and creativity of selected coastal communities working with IOI Operational Centres in seeking solutions to mitigate impacts from land-based activities by developing tools and measures locally to improve their prospects for survival and prosperity.


These innovative projects were supported and promoted by the IOI Operational Centres around the world through the IOI network-wide Women, Youth and the Sea Programme.


The 19 case studies were organised into three broad categories:

  • empowering women and supporting children and youth
  • conserving the coast and developing the community, and
  • creating awareness and promoting resilience in the community. 

These are projects that in a modest way indicate how all communities, no matter how poor or disadvantaged, can contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. These innovative solutions come from varied regions of the South, including in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America, as well as from the Commonwealth of Independent States. Locally developed and locally implemented by the coastal communities themselves, the projects are capable of effecting a direct, positive change in people's lives.


The projects selected represent many regions: Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. All of them are concerned with the livelihoods of the coastal communities; at least seven of them focus on women while others target children and youth. Some of these projects have been completed while others are ongoing.


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Publication entitled "Skies and Oceans", a joint IOI-WMO initiative 


In 2006, the IOI called on its Operational Centres to invite children to produce artworks showing their view on environmental issues and reflecting the beauty of the oceans, coasts and marine life. In 2007, IOI received a response from more than 260 young artists.


This publication with a foreword by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was officially launched during PIM XXXII in 2007 by Ms. Carine Richards Van Maele from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). The introduction to the book was provided by M. Jarraud, Secretary General, WMO and A. Behnam, President of IOI. The book contains a selection of pictures produced following the IOI Network's call, these were selected by staff at the WMO along with other images featuring childrens' perception of the sky, weather and climatic events. During the PIM XXXII convocation in Malta a special exhibition showcasing pictures about the seas and oceans and submitted by artists from around the globe was on display.


This magnificent and inspiring publication demonstrates the joint commitment of IOI and WMO to contribute to the efforts of the international community to meet the challenge of climate change.


This book offers a vivid account of the impact and importance of the skies and oceans with regard to human life, as seen through the eyes of talented young artists from all parts of the Earth.


Publication entitled "Children and the Sea", Kiev, IOI-Ukraine (2005) 


This album consists of children's artworks (from 5-16 years of age) related to the reflection of the beauty of the ocean, marine life and youths understanding of emerging environmental issues. The publication is aimed at increasing public awareness of marine ecology and to popularize the creative approach to the natural resources as the common heritage of mankind.


"The illustrations selected in this book were drawn by children from the Ukraine where the IOI has an operational centre. These illustrations are an example of the genius of children all over the world and are a source of true encouragement and hope. 


The book is an incentive to every adult to do what is within his or her capacity to makes these dreams come true.  we all cherish our children's future by protecting and defending our blue planet, by advocating the sustainable management and exploitation of the ocean and by acting beyond the realm of self; and by doing so we can guarantee that future, to the benefit of all".


Dr. Awni Behnam