IOI Alumni

The IOI has been offering its flagship Ocean Governance training programmes for more than 35 years, starting initially in Canada and expanding its training outreach to cover many regional seas and different countries around the globe. As a result, IOI alumni have now achieved a critical mass of expertise at the level of policy creation and implementation, and ocean governance research globally.


The IOI continues to maintain strong links with, and to reach out to its alumni corpus over the years with a number of prominent alumni returning also to assist the IOI training programmes by offering in turn their acquired expertise to the new cohort of students in ocean governance.


The network of IOI Alumni further links to the IOI and to each other through the:  

  • application and promotion of the IOI vision and mission;
  • implementation of the knowledge gained during IOI training programmes to their professional decision making scenarios;
  • identification and proposal of suitable candidates for IOI training courses; dissemination of IOI Publications and IOI Newsletters in their professional networks;

Closer links between IOI and the IOI Alumni are fostered through e.g. the provision of short, topical refresher courses on current or emerging ocean issues, using also the support of IOI Centres in the region, while talented Alumni spearhead regional Alumni networks in areas or countries where there is a critical mass of Alumni.