IOI EMB Bursary

The Elisabeth Mann Borgese Bursary (EMB Bursary)


The EMB Bursary was established by IOI as a means of demonstrating both recognition to the host country of the IOI – Malta – for hosting the IOI Headquarters and providing facilities for staff and offices and also to achieve the establishment of a memorial to the founder of the IOI. Thus the EMB Bursary consists of a sum of Euros 3,500 (Euros three thousand five hundred), which may be used by the awardee in furthering her/his research in ocean related studies over the period of an academic year and is awarded to one successful applicant from students or staff of the University of Malta carrying out postgraduate studies in the field of marine sciences, ocean governance and/or maritime affairs. Applicants must be registered with the University of Malta Faculties of Science, Laws, or other Faculty, Institute or Centre where research in the relevant field is carried out. Registration on a programme at the University of Malta should be valid for the duration of the bursary.


The awardee shall use the Bursary to assist in furthering her/his studies/research in ocean/marine-related studies at the University of Malta.


Expected Outcomes: the EMB Bursary

  • constitutes a further recognition and acknowledgement of the role of Prof. Elisabeth Mann Borgese, founder of IOI and her considerable achievements.
  • encourages further research in the field of marine sciences, ocean governance and/or maritime affairs in matters relating to the governance of the seas and oceans and which tallies with the interests of the IOI in this field.
  • endows the research capabilities of talented researchers in the areas of ocean/marine research.
  • contributes towards IOI's outreach and capacity building mandate.

Previous winners of the EMB Bursary since 2010 have worked on diverse research areas in geography, conservation genetics, maritime law and engineering within the scope of marine and maritime related studies at the University of Malta. Past work has focused on proposed stakeholder managed Marine Protected Areas in Malta; the collection of genetic data on the bluntnose sixgill shark, Hexanchus griseus,with the aim of working on species preservation; the study of the concept of State of Disembarkation in the context of migration law and its links to principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea; a study on renewable energy using ocean thermocline energy extraction; studies on the influence of tuna penning activities on macrofaunal assemblages; and studies on microplastics in Maltese waters (Central Mediterranean) and their impacts on selected marine species in compliance with the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) obligations.

Award of the EMB Bursary 2016/17 to Dr Stefano Moncada & Ms. Kristina Edwards, Bursary awardee 2015-16
Award of the EMB Bursary 2016/17 to Dr Stefano Moncada & Ms. Kristina Edwards, Bursary awardee 2015-16

2016-2017 EMB Bursary 


The 2016 EMB Bursary is awarded to Dr. Stefano Moncada to carry out research titled “Climate Coping Strategies, Economic Wellbeing and Sustainability in Vulnerable Coastal Communities”.  The research, to be conducted by Dr Stefano Moncada within the Elisabeth Mann Borgese Bursary 2016/2017 is to identify the coping strategies adopted in reaction to climate variability and change, and to discuss their implications for economic wellbeing and for long-term sustainability. The research intends to investigate this in the context of vulnerable coastal communities in small islands, supporting research and teaching activities between the national and regional centres working in the field of sustainable uses of Ocean resources. Dr. Moncada has been awarded the sum of Euros 3,500 to be used to further his research studies over one year.


The 2015 EMB Bursary awarded to Ms. Kristina Edwards to carry out research on the effects of microplastics exposure on marine life with particular reference to the Central Mediterranean has also come to its conclusion this October with the successful achievement of the research aims for the EMB Bursary award. 


Information about the 2016/2017 EMB Bursary awardee is available on the University of Malta website.