Training Programme on Ocean Governance for the Western Pacific Region

Class of 2015, in the front Row, (L) Prof Qin Li (Director IOI China) and centre, Prof Mao Bin, Course Director
Class of 2015, in the front Row, (L) Prof Qin Li (Director IOI China) and centre, Prof Mao Bin, Course Director

Training Programme information:

  • Organised by the International Ocean Institute in partnership with the State Oceanic Administration of PR China
  • An annual four-week residential programme offered since 2011 in Tianjin, PR China
  • Coverage of regional issues of the Western Pacific Regional Seas with special emphasis on ICM and marine environmental protection in connection with the on-going regional programme of PEMSEA
  • The programme is structured into six main modules given through intensive lectures, discussion, simulation exercises, as well as field trips, namely:



o MODULE 1: Introductory oceanography to provide the                         participants with a scientific basis for better understanding of the training programme

o MODULE 2: The legal framework for ocean governance (UNCLOS, Agenda 21 Chapter 17, and relevant laws & policies)

o MODULE 3: Global ocean governance framework with special reference to ICM for the Western Pacific Region

o MODULE 4: Conflict management and consensus building for coordinated development of the ocean resources

o MODULE 5: Managing our relations with the oceans for sustainable social and economic development with special reference to         marine environmental protection and natural disaster mitigation

o MODULE 6: Special sessions:


-          Presentation of case studies of the ICM implementation given by either invited experts or the participants

-          Good practice sharing presentations (national reports) by the participants

-          Graduation presentations by the participants on the vision of his/her national ICM with the knowledge and holistic                       understanding of ocean governance learnt during the training programme

-          Field trip(s) and study tour(s)


2019 Training Programme


With the support of the National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS) at the Ministry of Natural Resources of PR China, the IOI Training Centre in China organised the seventh edition of the four-week training programme on Ocean Governance for the Western Pacific Region from the 19th August to the 12th September 2019 (ongoing), with the programme being held in Tianjin.


The Training Course on Ocean Governance will run for 4 weeks, and is currently attended by 23 participants from Cambodia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Based on the characteristics and requirements of the Western Pacific region, the course syllabus covers areas like the legal framework of ocean governance under the framework of United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), the exploration regime of international seabed, introductory oceanography, marine data information and resources management, ICM theories and practices, blue economy, integrated coastal management, plastics and microplastics in marine environment, ocean disaster prediction and mitigation.


The successful delivery of the course will be reported in the next edition of the IOInforma news bulletin scheduled for October 2019.