IOI Ocean Academy Programmes in 2023

43 IOI Ocean Academy Programmes successfully delivered in 2023

This year, 43 IOI Ocean Academy Courses were successfully delivered globally by 13 nodes, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Maldives, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine. The programmes were offered in local languages, Spanish, Arabic, Marathi, Dhivehi, English, Urdu, Portuguese, Hindi, Sinhala, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian reaching some 1500 persons around the world. 


"It is of great satisfaction that the foremost programme launched as part of the IOI golden jubilee – the IOI Ocean Academy, was so successful, exceeding our expectations in reaching out to a global audience under the motto of “Ocean Knowledge for All”. The IOI Ocean Academy programme was established to enable interested laypersons to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to understand the complexities of the Ocean and its local and global effects, now and in a changing future, and the impact and role of human activities, laying the foundations for more informed understanding and personal daily decision-making. The IOI Ocean Academy format of 20-hour modules offered online in local languages, delivering locally relevant Ocean knowledge via local experts affiliated with the IOI, and at no charge for interested participants of all backgrounds has proven to be a highly effective way of increasing global Ocean Literacy. The IOI Ocean Academy programme is truly a fitting tribute to the vision of Elisabeth, as well as a new milestone in the IOI mission to create knowledgeable and empowered Ocean leadership at all levels."

Antonella Vassallo, Managing Director IOI HQ


Some highlights of the feedback received from participants: 


"The experience was amazing and I really enjoyed it. I will be able to implement what I learned here and make the Ocean a better and less polluted place. I'm currently leading a volunteer group that basically dedicates 2 hours of time on Saturdays to cleaning the beach and taking care of the environment. I will be able to talk about this programme and the experiences I had."


"The Program was very knowledgeable and it motivated me to take more interest in Marine Fisheries. It provide a lot of Knowledge about Coastline its rules and regulations and fisheries sector."


"Speakers of every session create an impact on selected topics, the course was designed in a way that made every topic easily understandable. Overall 

very comprehensive, explicit, educative, and well-managed course with highly qualified teachers associated with different organizations and institutes. It was worth investing my time in learning more about where Pakistan stands in the journey of transforming into a maritime nation."


"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in this program. The information provided was valuable, and what truly stood out the most was the engaging interaction with the instructor who was very open to sharing information and knowledge. I eagerly look forward to future courses and trainings, with the hope of experiencing them in person for an even richer learning journey"


Another rich programme for IOI Ocean Academy will be held in 2024 - check the IOI Ocean Academy webpage regularly  to keep informed on the next courses open for applications.