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As part of our ongoing outreach and collaboration with people who have completed an IOI course, we have created a small clip celebrating the IOI Alumni and their achievements.

Since its foundation in 1972, IOI has trained hundreds of young practitioners, particularly from developing countries and countries in transition, and contributes towards a growing global network of trained and empowered leaders fully conversant with the latest developments in ocean governance.

IOI course participants acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for effective ocean governance. They are empowered to apply contemporary approaches to coastal and ocean management, with an emphasis on the moral, ethical and legal values in ocean governance (equity and peaceful uses of the ocean).


Dear IOI Alumni,


We are very pleased to welcome you to the NEW PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY of IOI Alumni and friends hosted at the password-protected International Ocean Institute Alumni web site: 


Over the years, the IOI training programmes in ocean governance have resulted in a critical mass of IOI Alumni and a global network of trained and empowered leaders and practitioners in ocean governance. 


At IOI, we believe passionately in the potential of the IOI Alumni. IOI Alumni are talented and motivated thinkers and doers in the many fields of ocean governance and empowered to make the changes needed to achieve equitable and sustainable global development and ocean governance grounded solidly in the social, economic and environmental spheres.


The goal of the site is to provide an online forum for the rich community that IOI comprises -- a place where alumni, faculty, and friends can foster lasting relationships and create a network that reaches well beyond the people with whom you attended the IOI Training Programme. 


We welcome you to the site and have already sent out invitations to all the past participants of the IOI worldwide training programmes. If you didn’t receive the invitation or the e-mail you registered with for your respective training programme which is no longer in use, kindly access the link below and register with the Standard Form:


At IOI, we believe this network can be the medium that will make our single voices and actions stronger by allowing us to come together to share ideas, knowledge and experiences in our different fields. We also trust that the many friendships born during the training programmes will continue to flourish and spread through this network.


We invite you to join this network and to interact through this portal; on joining, here’s what you can expect:

  • An Alumni Directory that's searchable by year/class/group, by name or by occupation.
  • The possibility to Search for friends and make new connections with the online community.
  • Message Boards for all members where you can exchange your news, experiences, videos, documents, and other meeting opportunities; or just keep in touch with what is going on in ocean matters. You can post in, and subscribe to, as many, or as few, of the forums as you choose.
  • Email Notifications to keep you updated of message board updates.
  • Opportunities to learn and share experiences, to understand how to overcome difficulties and to discuss challenges
  • Additional opportunities to meet from time to time as funds allow

We hope to see you online soon!


With warmest wishes, 


Antonella Vassallo

Managing Director IOI HQ 2018, for the IOI network of training worldwide