Continuing Professional Development Series:        Online Update Courses in Ocean Governance for        IOI Alumni

Since its foundation in 1972, IOI has trained hundreds of young practitioners, and contributes towards a growing global network of trained and empowered leaders fully conversant with the latest developments in ocean governance, and resulting in a critical mass of IOI Alumni network of professionals and practitioners in ocean governance. 


As our understanding of the Ocean and Ocean Governance continuously evolves, the IOI remains committed to provide learning opportunities where cutting-edge issues can be addressed, further enhancing the careers and professional development of its alumni.


Throughout 2023 a webinar series has been exclusively designed with the aim of enriching the IOI Alumni's knowledge with unique perspectives and state of the art developments, delivered by experts, and offering opportunities for interaction and exchange of views.

3rd webinar: Venturing into the Abyss: Deep Seabed Mining 28 September 2023, 1500 - 1630hrs (GMT+2)

The third webinar in the series will focus on Deep Seabed Mining which currently presents a complex spectrum of opportunities and immense challenges that demand thoughtful examination. Not only does deep seabed mining represent a burgeoning industry with the potential to revolutionise resource extraction, but it also brings to the forefront pressing environmental, ethical, and social concerns juxtaposed against the consideration of the principle of the Common Heritage of Humankind as laid out in UNCLOS. 

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2nd Webinar: Beyond Boundaries: how is the new 'high seas' treaty a game changer?

The second webinar in the series was exclusively designed with the aim of enriching IOI alumni's knowledge with unique perspectives and state of the art developments, delivered by experts, and offering opportunities for interaction, questions, and exchange of views.


This engaging session focused on the new treaty of the "high seas" on biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction. Experts drew attention to its key provisions and objectives, its significance in addressing gaps in existing international frameworks, and its ambitions to promote the sustainable management of marine resources. The speakers elaborated on future scenarios, highlighting potential implications and challenges associated with the implementation of this new treaty, opportunities for collaboration and innovation in scientific research, technology development, and sustainable practices.


Setting things off, Arne Langlet (PhD Student, MARIPOLDATA) highlighted how through a delicate balance of interests and some innovative drafting, BBNJ negotiators managed to finalize a treaty that can pave the way for the sustainable governance and conservation of biodiversity in the high seas. Following this, Liliana Rodríguez Cortés (Delegate of the IOI to the UN in New York, Co-founder and CEO of Fundación Aramacao), offered the attendees a unique reflection on the BBNJ consultations, bringing insights from the actual negotiation room and focusing on the perspective of an NGO in the process. Rounding up the webinar, Klaudija Cremers (Research Fellow, International Ocean Governance, IDDRI) elaborated on the next steps in the road to implementation and how the adoption of the BBNJ treaty is only the first step towards the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction, and that now States will have to ratify the treaty to bring it into force, establish core institutions and develop capacity, science and technology to ensure rapid, effective and equitable implementation of the treaty.


By the end of the session, the participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the High Seas Treaty and its potential to reshape the conservation and management of biodiversity beyond national boundaries, hopefully setting the stage for a new era of Ocean Governance and sustainability.

1st Webinar: Sailing into the Blue Economy: Trends and Foresight, 23 March 2023

This first webinar aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the current trends in the blue economy, as well as the future foresight and research directions that will be critical for achieving sustainable economic growth while protecting the marine environment. The expert speakers approached the topic from different angles based on their expertise.


Setting things off, Dr Awni Behnam (Honorary President, IOI) provided a short introduction with regard to the historic evolution of the concept and addressed both the opportunities and the pitfalls that come with it. Dr Lisa Pace (Senior Lecturer, The Edward de Bono Institute for Creative Thinking & Innovation) highlighted future trends and the challenges to harnessing blue economy opportunities for innovation whilst understanding the socio-economic implications of ocean-based activities. Following this, Prof Alan Deidun (Ocean Ambassador for Malta and IOI Malta Training Centre Director, University of Malta) elaborated on interlinkages between the blue economy and the resources present in the deep sea, while answering the very timely question of whether or not we are heading towards a “Blue” Tragedy of the Commons. Ms Angelique Pouponneau (Policy Advisor, Alliance of Small Islands States) offered the attendees a unique perspective on how a sustainable blue economy requires policy, institutional and legal coherence for success – with a focus on the Seychelles.