The Ocean, Source of Life and Livelihoods

An online ocean literacy course

online 12 - 23 January 2023


Course Fee


Duration of the Course

Total hours 20 (two hours/day including Q&A session)



Deadline of Application


Eligibility of the Applicants

Open to interested individuals.


Under the auspices IOIHQ, International Maritime Management & Consultancy (IMMC) Singapore and IOI Singapore (Focal Point), the Ocean Literacy Course delivered on virtual platform is open to all interested individuals who want to enrich their knowledge about the Ocean, Our Source of Life and Livelihood.  The training course of 20 hours is subdivided in 10 modules each of two (2) hours commencing from 12 January 2023.


Learning outcomes

This training course will establish a good understanding about our ocean as a symbol of our lifeline, management of our sustainable relationship with the ocean, its rich resources, beauty and blessings of our ocean and contributions towards our well-being. The course will also discuss the ocean as a living entity, its biodiversity, marine environment, concept of sustainability and application of blue economy for the ocean related activities and business ventures. A brief introduction of sustainable development, Rio+20 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) 2030 


• Understand the Mission and Vision of International Ocean Institute (IOI).

• Understand and apply a basic understanding of the Ocean and how to live in a more sustainable way with the Ocean.

• Understand the linkages between sustainable and equitable human use, application of the principle of the common heritage of humankind, the needs of future generations.

• Identification and application of the knowledge acquired on biodiversity and environmental protection, IMO regulatory compliance on marine pollution, MARPOL Annexes and future challenges in Ocean issues, locally and globally.

• Understand basics of United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and Role of Partnership in Environment Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) "Role of Partnership in Environment Management of Seas of Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Zone"

• Understand Basics of Blue Economy, its application in maritime industry and Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)

• Learning of marine ecosystem, Coastal erosion, Importance of Mangroves and impacts of their depletions.

• Understanding of Threats, Opportunities and Solutions related to Ocean.

• Understanding of Conservation and Management of Seabed Resources

• Environmental Shipping and Global Climate Change Challenges

• IMO Strategy to Reduce GHG Emissions


more information

For more info contact IOI Focal Point in Singapore, Jai Acharya 

how to apply

Please register by filling out the application form here.  All selected applicants will receive an email confirmation


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