Elisabeth Mann Borgese Monument

The life-size bronze bust of Prof Mann Borgese commemorates and honours the founder of the International Ocean Institute. It may be found at the “Arvid Pardo and Pacem in Maribus Study Area” at the Msida campus of the University of Malta in Malta. This location was chosen in view of the strong links between Prof Mann Borgese and the IOI, and Arvid Pardo and Malta’s work on the principle that the seabed constitutes part of the common heritage of mankind, a phrase that appears in Article 136 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The memorial honours their contribution to the sustainable governance of the oceans and recognises the strong link between the IOI and the University and the Government of Malta as host of the IOI HQ.


The bust of Prof Mann Borgese was donated to IOI by the Ocean Science and Research Foundation (OSRF) and the memorial was unveiled on the 12th December 2013.  Present at the ceremony were representatives of the IOI HQ, officials from the University of Malta and friends and faculty of the IOI.