Image credit: IOI Costa Rica
Image credit: IOI Costa Rica


In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and its 17 sustainable development goals




Sustainable Development Goal 14

Conserve and sustainably Use the Oceans, Seas and Marine Resources

"Careful management of this essential global resource is a key feature of a sustainable future"

In this era of globalisation and sectoral integration, capacity building in ocean governance plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe and healthy oceans for the benefit of humankind and the planet. Additionally, obligations towards achieving the SDGs, notably SDG14 and its targets, and other intersecting SDGs, place a burden of responsibility on States and institutions which may benefit from targeted capacity development and training opportunities for their staff.


The IOI, through its global network of centres, offers annually a portfolio of international and regional Training and Capacity Development Programmes in Ocean Governance; IOI also provides customised thematic courses and leadership seminars at the request of partners.


Since its foundation in 1972, IOI has trained hundreds of young prac­titioners, particularly from developing countries and coun­tries in transition, and contributes towards a growing global network of trained and empow­ered leaders fully conversant with the latest de­velopments in ocean governance. IOI course partici­pants acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for effective ocean governance. They are empowered to apply contem­porary approaches to coastal and ocean management, with an emphasis on the moral, ethical and legal values in ocean governance (equity and peaceful uses of the ocean). 


IOI Training Programme syllabi emphasise the importance of viewing the ocean as a system with varied users and multiple, often competing and conflicting, uses. They recognize that ocean governance requires broad interdisciplinary skills, new institutional and legal infrastructures, and new forms of interaction between intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations and cooperation at the local, national and international levels. The syllabi core contents cover material in the fields of the law of the sea, the natural and social sciences, economics, policy making, related conventions and offer the opportunity to integrate new and emerging issues as well as regional matters of specific interest or concern.


Training consists of classroom-based lectures, interactive discussions, field trips, simulations and exercises, individual participant presentations, and international round tables. Guidance offered by the expert faculty is supported through the provision of appropriate tools and additional information and participants are expected to explore the subjects in more depth to supplement the material offered in class. 


The IOI Regional Programmes offer a targeted regional approach to global ocean governance with each regional programme addressing the respective regional seas perspectives, issues and mechanisms. They emphasize the benefits of harmonizing ocean policies and promoting a shared, integrated and common approach to ocean management. The courses contribute to building a sustainable core of experts in the region. 


The IOI provides Tailor-Made Programmes on specific topics at the request of partners. The IOI benefits from an international network of faculty with expertise in key areas pertaining to ocean matters. Requests for specific thematic courses or seminars on ocean topics or specific regions or seas can be accommodated with course syllabi and dedicated faculty lists drawn up specifically to fulfil the needs of the requesting organisation.


Target audiences of IOI training programmes are mid-career practitioners in ocean governance, as well as scientists, policy makers, educators and decision makers. Selected candidates should be in a position to be able to successfully transmit and apply the acquired acknowledge on return to their institutions, serving as educators and ocean advocates in their homeland. 


Take a look at the IOI Training Programmes Portfolio for more details on IOI Training offered globally.  


The IOI Ocean Academy provides regionally and locally relevant, entry-level online education programmes, enabling interested laypersons to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to understand the complexities of the ocean and its local and global effects, now and in a changing future, laying the foundations for more informed understanding and personal daily decision-making. The IOI Academy Courses are available free of charge. Find more details here.


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