Annual Activity Report of the IOI

The constraints imposed by the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic globally in 2020 posed a number of challenges to the implementation of the programme of actions endorsed by the GB57 in December 2019 which were experienced and shouldered by the entire IOI network of Centres and Focal Points and also by IOI HQ.


The pandemic constraints affected principally all those aspects of IOI activities that involved travel, locally, regionally and especially internationally, so that travel of IOI representatives, faculty and training programme candidates to training programmes and any events depending on availability of travel corridors were highly curtailed after the start of March 2020 approximately.


While operating under pandemic constraints, the HQ and network continued to implement as many actions possible and various activities were modified to enable IOI training, using virtual formats which allowed IOI to achieve a number of partnership and networking goals in spite of difficulties and a reduced programme, compared to initial plans.  In summary it remains heartening to note that through the actions of IOI HQ and the IOI network efforts, IOI outreach was still achieved over 2020, in spite of practical difficulties and the steep learning curves of moving online.


I invite you to download the IOI’s Annual Report and to read through our 2020 activities; do contact us for more information on topics of interest.


                                                                                               Antonella Vassallo                                                                                 

                                                                                               Managing Director

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