Annual Activity Report of the IOI

Throughout 2021, the global COVID-19 pandemic and travel constraints continued to exert impacts on the programmes of the IOI secretariat and Network as well as on our partners globally. However, flexible contingency planning and dedication by the whole IOI network and IOI Secretariat was critical in enabling the delivery of a rich programme of training and outreach events, in online, hybrid and in-person formats. As well as the hallmark training for which the IOI is rightly known, special events organised during 2021 showcased the versatility of the IOI’s outreach and the different levels to transmit the IOI message to sustainably benefit from and protect our Ocean for all now and into the future. 


I write these paragraphs in 2022, the year in which the IOI celebrates its first fifty years since foundation by Elisabeth Mann Borgese. We recognise with gratitude and appreciation the continued and generous support of the IOI Governing Board, the IOI Network of Directors and Focal Points who propose and implement the rich programmes of the IOI, and to other sponsors and supporters without whom IOI could not have achieved its ambitious programmes. I hope that you will enjoy reading about the IOI’s work over 2021 in our Annual Report, do get in touch with us on topics of interest.



                                                                                                 Antonella Vassallo

 Managing Director

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