We need a healthy Ocean to survive. But our Ocean is in trouble, and so are we. By providing regionally and locally relevant, entry-level online education programmes, the IOI Ocean Academy will enable interested laypersons to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to understand the complexities of the ocean and its local and global effects, now and in a changing future, laying the foundations for more informed understanding and personal daily decision-making.


An IOI Ocean Academy Course is designed to upgrade Ocean literacy and provide an understanding of regionally and locally relevant Ocean information at an appropriate level. The IOI Academy Courses are tailored to the interests of laypersons.

Persons completing an IOI Academy Course will:

  • gain a basic understanding of the Ocean: the goods and services it provides, the threats to the Ocean, how to live in a more sustainable way with the Ocean;
  • learn about the importance of Ocean governance, sustainable and equitable human use, the principle of the common heritage of humankind, respecting the needs of future generations, all in locally relevant context;
  • be empowered to become more active locally as stakeholders to positively influence their communities and beyond;
  • be able to identify priority issues, trends and future challenges in Ocean issues, locally and globally.


  • 20-hour modules delivered online
  • In local languages
  • Free-of-charge for participants
  • Ocean knowledge that is locally relevant
  • Overseen by the IOI and implemented by local experts

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