The IOI Global Network 

In order to achieve its stated mission and goals internationally, the IOI works through a global network of Centres and Focal Points which is administered through the Headquarters based in Malta and which acts as the secretariat for the IOI Governing Board. The IOI Board sets out the broad activities and programmes of the IOI based on a strategy for action. The IOI network also benefits from close support and collaboration from its Training Partners and the Alumni of IOI training programmes over the years.


IOI Training Centres are responsible to organise and provide the hallmark ocean governance training programmes of the IOI. These are offered to meet regional needs in capacity building and training and the location of the training programmes is thus a geo-strategic one. The Training Centres closely co-operate with a dedicated IOI Centre in the geographical vicinity so as to have further access to outreach, dissemination of information as well as substantive support  in the performance of specific tasks and core activities, primarily that of providing capacity building and training in ocean governance issues. The Management at IOI HQ, under the direction of the Governing Board, oversees and ensures the implementation of the annual training programmes globally through the IOI Training Centres, IOI Centres and strategic partnerships.


The IOI benefits from the support of 32 IOI Centres and Focal Points in 31 countries as well as through collaboration with strategic training partners.