Learning about the Ocean: Ocean Literacy in the School Curriculum

Online, 27 November - 18 December 2023 in the english language


Course Fee


Duration of the Course

Total hours 20, in 4 weeks; 



Deadline of Application

25 November 2023

Eligibility of the Applicants

Interested stakeholders, representatives  from educational institutions, teachers, NGO representatives

Learning outcomes

The world's ocean covers more than 70% of our planet, playing a pivotal role in regulating climate, supporting biodiversity, and sustaining life as we know it. However, many students around the world are still disconnected from the vital importance of the ocean in their daily lives and the global ecosystem.


Understanding the oceans is crucial for a sustainable future. Ocean literacy fosters an appreciation for marine environments, promotes responsible behaviour, and encourages future ocean advocates. By incorporating ocean literacy into school curricula, we can inspire the next generation to protect our oceans. 

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how to apply

Selected applicants will be informed by email.

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