The IOI Education and Training Fund (IOI ETF)

Partnering for the sustainable funding of global

Ocean Governance Education and Training Programmes



Our Ocean is Our Future and we need a healthy ocean to survive. By empowering and teaching a new generation of Ocean Leaders, the IOI Training Courses in Ocean Governance enable young professionals to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to sustainably manage coastal and ocean resources today so that we can achieve the ocean we need for the future we want.


Support IOI to train Ocean Leaders of Today for the Ocean of Tomorrow


The need for motivated Ocean Leaders is greater than ever, and so is the demand from governmental, public, private, philanthropic and academic institutions for training in Ocean Governance.


In order to financially sustain and expand its offerings, IOI has developed the Education and Training Fund (ETF) as a means to join forces with such partners striving for capacity development in Ocean Governance. Funding received through the IOI ETF is directly converted into scholarships for eligible applicants for any of the IOI´s existing Training Courses world-wide, or the Master of Arts in Ocean Governance at the University of Malta.  


Another way to get engaged in Ocean Governance Training initiatives is to financially support the implementation of a new regular IOI Training Courses held with accredited partners within national academic and scientific institutions. 


For further information, please contact IOI HQ, or download the ETF Flyer below 


IOI ETF Flyer.pdf
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 “The development of human resources is an essential component of the emerging new system of  ‘governance’. More important than territory, natural resources or capital: more blatantly so in the ocean than anywhere else; for ocean management and conservation is based on science and technology, and science and technology, in our century and the next, are knowledge based”

(Elisabeth Mann Borgese, in introduction for the unpublished manuscript for a planned alumni book project,

“IOI Alumni and the Future of Ocean Governance,” Dalhousie University Archives, Halifax, Canada).