Ocean Knowledge for Sustainable Use, Exploitation and Conservation of Resources

online 6 - 15 September


Course Fee


Duration of the Course

Total hours 20 



Deadline of Application

5th September 2022


Eligibility of Applicants 

Participation is open to all citizens of West Africa, particularly graduates, post graduates and undergraduates, mid-level officers in marine related institutions, staff of relevant NGOs, policy makers within Ministries and Departments, IOI Alumni and any interested members of the public. 


learning outcomes

  • Understand the marine environment in terms of physical, chemical and biological aspects and the interconnectedness of these components;
  • Emphasise the ocean literacy principles and the need for understanding the ocean as the common heritage of mankind;
  • Identify and prioritise marine governance issues, trends and future challenges at national, regional and global level;
  • Understand the role of the ocean in maritime economies, fisheries, marine technology, security and sovereignty, and recreation.          

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