IOI Alumni CPD Online Series: Webinar Q1 2024: Where Skies and Seas Meet: Climate and Ocean Interdependence in Policymaking, 29 February

Building on the webinar series launched in 2023, the first webinar in 2024 served  as a platform to address the complex interaction  between climate change and Ocean sustainability in policymaking. Held in the aftermath of COP28, the event aimed to shed light on the pressing governance challenges concerning these crucial environmental domains.


The webinar set out to articulate the urgency of understanding and harmonising climate and Ocean policies to enhance the resilience and health of the Earth's ecosphere. The global community's imperative to navigate this "blue horizon" was emphasised, highlighting the critical symbiotic relationship between climate and Ocean governance.


Throughout the session, distinguished experts and IOI Alumni shared invaluable insights, delving into key themes crucial for understanding the implications of COP28 on Ocean-related matters. Prof Simone Borg, Ambassador for Climate Action, Malta, elucidated the existing Ocean governance frameworks, scrutinising their adequacy in light of evolving climate agreements. Dr Ute Jacob, Co-lead at the Transfer Office for Marine Biodiversity Change at HIFMB (Germany), examined adaptation and mitigation strategies, emphasising the pivotal role of international cooperation in addressing biodiversity loss and climate change impacts on oceanic and coastal ecosystems. Furthermore, Dr Mark Dickey-Collas, an independent applied Marine Scientist, elucidated strategies for maintaining resilient fisheries amidst the challenges posed by climate change.


The interactive Q&A session fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas, allowing participants to engage directly with the speakers, share insights, and discuss practical implications for their respective fields, facilitating exploration of actionable solutions to the complex challenges at hand. The webinar provided participants with an understanding of the intricate interplay between climate and ocean policymaking, underscoring the importance of collaborative action and informed decision-making in tackling the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change and long-term Ocean sustainability.