From 2000 - 2015, the IOI and its Centres launched various programmes through their participation in the system-wide IOI programme for “Women, Youth and the Sea”, one of IOI’s programmes aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the eradication of poverty, the promotion of gender equality and for the increase of gender-based contributions to MDGs.


Its aim was to provide both women and youth with an “opportunity space” to develop alternative knowledge and skills leading to a durable income earning environment. It addressed the needs of developing countries, particularly coastal communities and the role of women and youth, by increasing their abilities to develop and manage the ocean and coastal resources sustainably.


The projects submitted by the IOI Centres/Focal Points for implementation each year were mainly focused on grass root level work in poor and very disadvantaged coastal communities. 


The achievements of Women, Youth and the Sea projects carried out by the IOI Network were significant in further supporting the improved livelihood of women and youth in disadvantaged coastal communities and have left significant results that impacted on the sustainability of coastal communities and contributed to the Millennium Development Goals targets.