Launch of the English Language publication in the World Ocean Review Series: The Ocean – A Climate Champion? How to Boost Marine Carbon Dioxide Uptake

February 2024

The eighth book in the World Ocean Review series consolidates the latest understanding of Ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR). The goal is to kickstart a crucial discussion on whether humans have the capability and the ethical imperative to expand interventions in the Ocean to safeguard the climate. What steps should we pursue to effectively combat climate change?


Measures to avoid greenhouse gas emissions are surely the main priority – but the truth is that in the coming decades, we will also have to remove large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it securely. Can – indeed, should – the Ocean aid us in this task? 


The new World Ocean Review explores this issue with reference to the Ocean's role in the Earth’s carbon cycle and looks at the benefits, risks and knowledge gaps around the main marine carbon dioxide removal techniques. Can and should humankind intervene further in the Ocean in order to protect the climate? This eighth edition of World Ocean Review provides some answers.


Available for free download and order both in English and German.