IOI Representative at the Maldives Maritime Conference: Villa Nautica, Maldives, 6th March

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives plays a crucial role in the global maritime network, with a diverse array of related industries including shipping, fishing, marine tourism, port management, and logistics. 


The Maldives Maritime Conference brought together key stakeholders in the maritime sector to discuss, collaborate and exchange ideas to foster innovation and work towards sustainable development of the industry, especially in the Maldives. This inaugural conference offered a unique platform for networking, forming alliances, and exploring partnership opportunities with local and international stakeholders. 


Dr Azmath Jaleel, Director of IOI Ocean Academy Maldives, delivered a presentation on the employment and income opportunities in the maritime industry focused on the Maldives. In his presentation he highlighted sectors of the industry that the Maldives can focus upon, such as merchant shipping and seafaring and the port sector as well as other ancillary industries supported by these. The presentation also looked into the historical development trends of some of these sectors and addressed measures that could be taken to strengthen and promote the industry so that it will facilitate greater revenue generation and higher employment opportunities for the Maldives within the ambit of a sustainably managed Blue Economy.