IOI Honorary President at the 35th Anniversary of the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI), IMO Headquarters, London, 22nd April

L-R: Norman M Gutierrez, Director of IMLI with A Behnam, Honorary President, IOI
L-R: Norman M Gutierrez, Director of IMLI with A Behnam, Honorary President, IOI

Convened by Arsenio Dominguez Velasco, the IMO Secretary-General, the 35th anniversary of the establishment of IMLI was commemorated via a seminar entitled “35 Years Serving the Rule of International Maritime Law”. Awni Behnam, Honorary President, represented the IOI at this celebration held in London at the IMO headquarters.


The invitation extended to IOI was in recognition of the long standing cooperation, mutual support and partnership of the IOI and IMLI over the years and was an opportune occasion for IOI to formally congratulate Professor Doctor Norman Martinez Gutierrez, Director of IMLI, and to emphasise and recognise the strong collaboration over the years.


A panel of distinguished personalities that included Mr Christopher Cutajar, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Trade of Malta,  addressed three critical and relevant issues: the contribution of IMLI to capacity building in maritime governance for a sustainable Ocean, the development of the international maritime legal regime, and the management and the training of practitioners in all aspects of the industry, particularly the legal dimension, over the years.


The panel focused on IMLI’s capacity building, particularly for developing countries and countries in transition and the necessary support resources, which was addressed the Chairman of the Nippon Foundation. It highlighted the commitment of IMLI  to maintain its close cooperation and collaboration for the purpose of enabling, in particular, developing countries to manage their maritime trade and shipping in all its various legal dimensions.


Our congratulations to IMLI, and to the Director and staff who have been instrumental in the delivery of its success.