Announcement of the first IOI Training Programme on Ocean Governance in the Arabic Language - November 2024 in Suez-Hurghada, Egypt

The IOI Egypt Training Centre was formally launched following the signature of the MOU with IOI Egypt host institute NIOF

The Red Sea & Arabian Gulf: Developing Human Capacity for Sustainable Ocean Governance and Integration 

3-28 November 2024 - Suez-Hurghada, Egypt 

Registrations will be open from May 10 to June 10, 2024


Send your expression of interest by completing the form - you will receive an email with all the information and the registration link. 

برنامج تدريبي للمعهد الدولي للمحيطات 

البحر األحمر والخليج العربي : تنمية القدرات البشرية من أجل إدارة مستدامة ومتكاملة 

3 – 28 نوفمبر 2024

السويس - الغردقة، مصر 

ستكون عملية التسجيل مفتوحة في فترة من ١٠ مايو إلى ١٠ يونيو ٢٠٢٤ 

The Red Sea and Arabian Gulf are unique marine environments, boasting exceptional biodiversity, vibrant coral reefs, and crucial ecological and economic significance for the surrounding regions. However, these vital ecosystems face mounting pressures from human activities, including pollution, overfishing, coastal development, and climate change. Effective governance and international cooperation are essential to ensuring the sustainable management and conservation of these valuable marine resources.


This interdisciplinary IOI training programme focuses on regional ocean governance in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. The four-week residential program, offered by IOI in Egypt at the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in November 2024, will explore the complexities and opportunities within this critical region.


The training programme will be conducted entirely in Arabic. Participants from all regional countries are welcome to apply, but they must possess a strong working knowledge of Arabic to fully engage with the course material and discussions.


The programme requires a full-time commitment for the entire four weeks. Participants are expected to attend all lectures, workshops, and field trips. Active participation and engagement in discussions and group activities are essential components of the learning experience.

Participants will explore three core modules:


Module 1: Our Relationship with the Ocean: Red Sea and Arabian Gulf Status and Way Forward

This module examines the intricate relationship between humans and the ocean in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf region. It will review the current state of the marine environment, including its challenges and opportunities. Additionally, it will explore avenues to achieve sustainability and preserve marine resources for future generations.


Module 2: Charting a Course for a Sustainable Ocean: Red Sea and Arabian Gulf Governance Framework

This module will delve into effective governance frameworks for managing marine resources in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf region. It will discuss the fundamental principles of good governance and review available tools and mechanisms to achieve sustainable ocean governance.


Module 3: From Knowledge to Action: Leveraging Integrated Ocean Management in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf

This module aims to translate theoretical knowledge into practical application through integrated ocean management. Highlighting its importance in the context of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, it will showcase best practices and successful experiences in integrated management. Furthermore, it will examine ways to enhance regional cooperation to achieve marine sustainability.


The application form link will be available soon on the IOI Egypt Training page.