Azmath Jaleel, Director of the IOI Ocean Academy Maldives, represents IOI in Marine and Maritime conferences during May and June

Director Azmath Jaleel of the Maldives IOI Ocean Academy, contributed to the following three events: 

  • 23 May: as Keynote speaker at the 2024 Marine Leisure Management International Conference at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung, Dr Jaleel presented a paper on Marine Leisure and the Blue economy, highlighting the importance of the marine leisure industry while emphasising the importance of developing it in a sustainable manner in line with the concepts of the blue economy.
  • 7 June: during the 2024 International Conference on Sea Lane Security, Taipei, by the Ocean Affairs Council of Taiwan, Dr Jaleel spoke on maritime security issues faced by small islands developing states and addressed challenges faced by such vulnerable nations due to climate change and illegal fishing activities. 
  • 14 June: for the event Exploitation and abuse of labour in the global fishing industry; Netherlands Maritime University College, Malaysia. Dr Jaleel presented on the exploitation and abuse of migrant workers in the fishing industry, emphasising the extreme living and working conditions from recruitment to repatriation. A great part of the audience, consisting of administrative staff, lecturers and students from various disciplines, were not aware of such conditions, and were very appreciative of the lecture.