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Elisabeth Mann Borgese

Elisabeth Mann Borgese Exhibition in Buddenbrookhaus, Lübeck


Elisabeth Mann Borgese died on February 8th, 2002. To mark the 10th anniversary of her death, in 2012 the Buddenbrookhaus in Lübeck organised the first-ever exhibition about Elisabeth Mann Borgese (Katia and Thomas Mann’s youngest daughter) in Lübeck. In cooperation with Geomar in Kiel, the Helmholtz Centre for Maritime Research, the exhibition was shown subsequently in Kiel and Berlin. Parallel to the exhibition, a collection of scientific essays and a number of previously unpublished photos and documents were published by the Hamburg-based mareverlag.


IOI-Canada assisted with preparations for the exhibition in Lübeck, Germany and the publication on Elisabeth Mann Borgese by facilitating access to the Elisabeth Mann Borgese Archives at Dalhousie University, arranging introductions to former colleagues and friends, and making available resources including papers and photographs. A number of items were loaned to the exhibition as well as photographs for the publication.

A catalogue entitled 'Elisabeth Mann-Borgese and the drama of the seas' edited by Holger Pils and Karolina Kühn gives the complex and fascinating life portrait of a fighter for the seas. This catalogue includes an anthology of essays from literature, jurisprudence and marine research, personal memories and literary portraits.  Copies of the catalogue are available from the Buddenbrookhaus Museum website here.



The IOInforma 0512 news bulletin below also refers to this event.





IOInforma news bulletin (May 2012)
Elisabeth Mann Borgese Exhibition in Buddenbrookhaus, Lübeck (17 June to 28 October 2012)
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