IOI Training Programmes on Ocean Governance Globally

The IOI has more than 35-years experience in developing, conducting and managing training and capacity building programmes in Ocean Governance. The ocean governance content covers contemporary approaches to coastal and ocean management, with an emphasis on moral, ethical and legal values (equity and peaceful uses of the ocean) under the governance architecture of UNCLOS and related international instruments and agreements. Since 1981, IOI has trained about 4000 young practitioners from developing countries and countries in transition. The portfolio of regular training courses offered today includes:



International Course/Training Programmes: 


Regional Programmes: 




The HANDBOOK contains course descriptions, syllabi and training modules for the IOI training courses held in Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean region, Malta, PR China, South Africa, Thailand and Turkmenistan.


The publication is accessible for downloaded via the link below:

Geographical Distribution of current IOI Training Programmes


Red Dot: Location of an established course

Blue Dot: Centre organising itinerant course in LAC region

Purple Dot: Malta - location of IOI HQ, Malta Training Course and MA in Ocean Governance