IOI Germany Summer School in 2022; Online, 19 - 30 September

The interdisciplinary Summer School was hosted by the IOI through its centre in Germany, and with the support of the host institute Leibniz-Zentrum für Marine Tropenforschung (ZMT). This summer school was a follow-up of a similar course held in February 2020 in Bremen at ZMT shortly before the lockdown due to the pandemic, and an online version held in September 2021. The course consisted of an intensive academic program providing a scientific basis from different disciplines (social and natural sciences) to enable the participants from different backgrounds to engage in marine governance. Leading experts were invited from different disciplines and distinguished institutions. The structure of the course was a mixture of lectures to provide basic information on the topic and free discussion among participants. 


To animate the participants to network, during and after the course, and to enhance international and interdisciplinary cooperation in their future career, group work was organised, giving them the task to simulate a Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and a Strategic Action Programme (SAP) as used by the GEF funded LME programmes on four Large Marine Ecosystems, and to perform a Marine Spatial Planning exercise by means of a full session planning game. Membership in ZMT and IOI alumni networks will be offered to the participants for further strengthening their connectivity. 


From a total of 616 applications, 43 were selected to attend the course. Feedback from the participants during the lectures and during the final discussions was extremely positive, and they appreciated the topics offered in the programme and the knowledge and experience offered by the lecturers.