REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Costa Rica, Thailand; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED: Singapore, India, Portugal, Pakistan

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Course on Marine Science: Using Ocean Databases to Support Sound Policy and Decision Making 

8 May - 5 June 2023

Marine Resource Management and Protection with a Special Focus on the Status of Thailand 

15 - 29 May 2023

Four More IOI Ocean Academy Courses Successfully Delivered

  • SINGAPORE: The Ocean, Source of Life and Livelihoods - An online Ocean Literacy Course; 30 March - 12 April 
  • INDIA: Ocean Literacy: Know Your Planet Beyond the Land; 20 March - 3 April 
  • PORTUGAL: The Ocean: Unity and Diversity; Online, 28 February - 30 March 
  • PAKISTAN: Quest for Sustainable Blue Growth Under Preserved Environment. With Special Reference to Pakistan, 6 - 17 March

Another four IOI Ocean Academy Courses have been successfully completed by Singapore, India, Pakistan and Portugal in English, Marathi, Urdu and Portuguese respectively. The IOI Ocean Academy courses are delivered as 20-hr online modules designed to upgrade Ocean Literacy as well as an understanding of regionally and locally relevant Ocean information at an appropriate level, tailored for the interests of laypersons. 


IOI Ocean Academy Portugal covered the topics concerning the legal context of the Portuguese territorial seas; marine protected areas; sustainable fisheries and consumption and maritime renewable energies; highlighting the historical relationship that Portugal has with the sea, through cod fishing in the history of Portuguese fishing. Some lectures were provided through partnerships with an NGO from Angola, and several attendees also hailed from that country.


The IOI Ocean Academy of Singapore focussed mainly on the Asia-Pacific, primarily on the East -south arc of the Asian Seas with focus on Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia’s marine ecosystems, mangroves, marine parks, marine protected areas (MPA), bio-diversity and Ocean related local issues.  


IOI Ocean Academy India's course, considering the composition of the participants, addressed the complex concepts in simple terms, making the audience familiar with the ocean-related terms, conveying our dependency on the Ocean, highlighting also the Ocean threats. Some of the other topics covered were: coastal defences, risk management strategies, maritime piracy and Blue Economy; governing global commons, elaborating the arising conflicts, the opportunities, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, its history, and tenets for sustainable development. 


In the case of the IOI Ocean Academy offered by Pakistan, the content aimed to deliver simplified knowledge about the Ocean, governance and climate change. The purpose of this course was to enhance awareness on challenges and opportunities concerning the environment - particularly the marine environment - and the connection with climate change and global warming, including the role that all persons can play in wisely using, while preserving and protecting it for current and future generations.


A total of 324 registrations were received for all four courses and out of the participants selected, 89   successfully completed the course with 80% or more participation. 


Below, some of the testimonials from the participants:


“It was a great privilege to have participated in this training course. The trainers were very competent, friendly, and tireless in this exciting adventure. I am eagerly waiting for new adventures next year, loaded with useful information and knowledge. Greetings to all fellow participants. Thank you very much.”

Victor Ferreira (IOI Ocean Academy Portugal)


“The experience was amazing and I really enjoyed it. I will be able to implement what I learned here and make the ocean a better and less polluted place. I'm currently leading a volunteer group that basically dedicates 2 hours of time on Saturdays to cleaning the beach and taking care of the environment. I will be able to talk about this program and the experiences I had.”

Mohammad Mosarof Hossain, Bangladesh (IOI Ocean Academy India)


“The course provided a great insight into the importance of oceans and blue growth for Pakistan. Lecturers provided information in a way that was accessible to those who did not have a background in the topic but still managed to go into sufficient detail about the subject matter. The course has sparked my interest in ocean governance and the sustainable use of ocean resources, and I hope to implement this knowledge in my future work.”  

Maha Husain, (IOI Ocean Academy Pakistan)


"Dr Jai, you did a great job with your presentation. It brought to light very important points mainly on the ocean environmental issues that you managed to explain with ease. The data was well researched. Your respectful tone in your voice amplified with the way you say them and easily understood. Thank you for the very enriching presentation and hope that you will share more enriching relevant training program on the environment." 

Jonathan Florante Elona Balagtas (IOI Ocean Academy Singapore)