IOI Canada 17th Elisabeth Mann Borgese Ocean Lecture, 28 September 2023

After a summer when climate change took on a new urgency in Nova Scotia with destructive forest fires, fatal flooding and record coastal ocean temperatures, IOI Canada's 17th annual Elisabeth Mann Borgese Ocean Lecture focused on A Framework for Ocean-Climate Action.


Dr Anya Waite, CEO & Scientific Director of the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) & Associate Vice-President Research (Ocean), Dalhousie University, spoke about how to achieve meaningful ocean climate action. Drawing on her own experiences at recent COP sessions and two initiatives led by OFI and Dalhousie -- the North Atlantic Carbon Observatory and the Transforming Climate Action research programme -- she expressed some welcome optimism in our human response to the climate crisis with increasing ocean knowledge and technological developments, despite the challenges and threats ahead.


Following the Q&A period, some closing comments were provided by Dr Boris Worm, Professor in Marine Conservation Biology & OFI Ambassador for Ocean Literacy, before the audience members were invited to continue the discussions and networking over wine and cheese. Moderated by Michael Butler, Director of IOI Canada, this public event was the latest in the ongoing lecture series to commemorate and celebrate the life and work of Elisabeth Mann Borgese, founder of IOI.


Listen to the recording and view slides shown during the lecture here: