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5th International Conference on Sustainability Education, 19-20 September 2023, New Delhi, India
In representation of the IOI, Antonella Vassallo was invited by the organisers of the 5th ICSE to deliver a keynote contribution to the launch of the Conference on Sustainability Education. Additionally, she joined a thematic session under the excellent organisation of IOI Ocean Academy India partners TERRE POLICY.

IOI Alumni Continuous Professional Development Webinar Series:  VENTURING INTO THE ABYSS: DEEP SEABED MINING, 28 September 2023
The third webinar in the series focused on Deep Seabed Mining which currently presents a complex spectrum of opportunities and immense challenges that demand thoughtful examination.

IOI participation at the Special Panel Discussion under the Thirty-Second Session of the Trade Preferences among Developing Countries (GSTP), 19 September 2023
"Harnessing the GSTP to forge a development-led sustainable transition among member countries." Reported by Behzad ALIPOUR TEHRANY, IOI representative.

9th IOI training Programme on the Sustainable Development and Governance of the Caspian Sea, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 11–22 September 2023
Offered as part of the IOI’s capacity building programmes on Ocean Governance and in partnership with co-founding partner the Caspian Sea Institute (CSI) of Turkmenistan, the Ninth course focusing on Caspian Sea issues came to a fruitful completion last month.

Training Course on Ocean Governance: Legal Framework, Policies, Technologies and Practices, 11 - 22 September 2023
The training course was co-organised by the National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the IOI China Regional Center for the West Pacific Region at Aster Plaza, Tianjin, China; Report by Prof Mao Bin (Course Director)

IOI South Africa 11th Ocean Governance Training Programme in Cape Town, South Africa, 4 - 29 September 2023
Under the able guidance of Directors Lynn Jackson and Judy Beaumont, and the assistance of Kirshia Govender, the International Ocean Institute – Southern Africa (IOI SA), organised and successfully delivered the 11th Ocean Governance Training Progamme, welcoming 23 local and international participants: 15 from South Africa, and 8 from Algeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania.

IOI Ocean Academy: REGISTRATIONS OPEN: Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Maldives; SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED: Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives

Award of the IOI Elisabeth Mann Borgese Bursary, 29 September 2023
The 2023 EMB Bursary is being awarded to Mr Jake Bonello to carry out an investigation on the anti-fouling performance of a novel PMMA/TiO2 nanocomposite coating and shall form part of a Master of Science with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Malta.

IOI Canada 17th Elisabeth Mann Borgese Ocean Lecture, 28 September 2023
After a summer when climate change took on a new urgency in Nova Scotia with destructive forest fires, fatal flooding and record coastal ocean temperatures, IOI Canada's 17th annual Elisabeth Mann Borgese Ocean Lecture on 28th September focused on A Framework for Ocean-Climate Action.