IOI Nigeria Ocean Literacy and IOI Alumni Lecture Series; Hybrid, 1st December 2023

The last activity, this year, for the IOI Centre in Nigeria was the Ocean Literacy and Alumni Lecture Series, held at the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR)/African Regional Aquaculture Centre (ARAC) Centre, in Nigeria, one of the activities planned for the South-South zone of the country. Around 50 participants from diverse academic backgrounds, university students, staff from research institutes, merchant navy cadets and officers, local community members attended in person. 


The welcoming address was delivered  by the Director of the IOI Nigeria, Akanbi Bamikole Williams followed by an introduction to IOI, it's activities and training programmes. One of the lectures was an Introduction to Ocean Literacy: Navigating the depth of understanding. The main lecture of this programme was titled, Ocean Facts and Myths: Unravelling the Truths Beneath the Waves was also delivered by Dr Bamikole. Many of the issues raised generated a lot of discussion. Since most of the participants had diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, a discussion on local myths encouraged the exchange of indigenous knowledge. Participants had very positive comments on the lectures delivered, most agreed that perspectives about most existing myths in their communities and cultures is changing. Certificates were awarded to all in-person participants.