IOI Ocean Academy: 4 modules open for registrations; Highlights from the 3rd IOI Ocean Academy Directors' Meeting; Successful Delivery of 11 Programmes

Launched in 2022 for the IOI's 50th Anniversary, the IOI Ocean Academy has proved to be a great success. Since the beginning of this year, more than 900 applications have been received with more coming in for the upcoming courses. IOI continues its mission to provide regionally and locally relevant Ocean knowledge so that interested persons can understand basic Ocean processes, and the interaction between Ocean, climate, human activities and livelihoods, empowering them to preserve the Ocean and its biodiversity for future generations.

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The Ocean - Source of Life and Livelihoods

Hindi language  


5 - 14 July 2024

Role of the Ocean in Preserving Climate and Sustenance of life, and Food Security with Special Reference to Pakistan

Urdu & English 

22 July - 02 August 2024

Contribution of Sustainable Development goals to Marine Environmental Conservation 

Arabic Language

  6 - 18 July 2024

Ocean Governance, Conservation and Sustainable Resource Management 

English Language 

July 2024

Strengthening Bonds: The 3rd IOI Ocean Academy Directors’ Meeting

On June 26, the IOI Ocean Academy family of Directors gathered for their third annual meeting, a virtual event that highlighted the tight-knit bonds and shared commitment within the global IOI community. This meeting was a significant milestone, showcasing the collaborative spirit and mutual support among the directors as they shared their experiences and insights.


The meeting commenced with a warm welcome and a brief update on the IOI Ocean Academy programme and public outreach projects since the last meeting in 2023, delivered by Antonella Vassallo. This was followed by self-introductions from all present directors, allowing new and established members to connect and learn more about each other’s backgrounds and the languages used for outreach in their respective regions.


Two insightful presentations set the tone for the interactive discussions. Conor Savage spoke on "How to Reach Out and Communicate Science to Non-Academic Audiences," emphasising effective strategies for engaging the public. Cosmin Chivu then shared tips on "Enhancing the Audience Experience with Interactive Online Tools," offering practical advice for making online learning more engaging.


The heart of the meeting was the exchange of experiences among the directors. This session featured brief interventions from both new and seasoned directors, addressing the challenges and opportunities of offering IOI Ocean Academy programmes. Directors discussed various aspects, from participant engagement techniques to the selection of module topics.


The meeting concluded with closing remarks from Awni Behnam, Honorary President, Mahin Faghfouri, President, and Peter Leder, governing board member, IOI, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and innovation in advancing Ocean literacy. The event underscored the strong bonds within the IOI Ocean Academy family, highlighting their collective dedication to fostering a deeper understanding and stewardship of the Ocean globally.

Eleven more IOI Ocean Academy Courses successfully completed in:

  • GEORGIA: Ocean Literacy in Schools: Creating Ocean Literacy Content and Enhancing Pupil Engagement, Georgian language
  • KENYA: Introduction to Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Protection for a Sustainable Blue Economy in Kenya, Swahili language
  • MEXICO: Ocean Literacy in Sustainable Coastal and Marine Tourism in Mexico, with emphasis on the Yucatan Peninsula, Spanish language
  • MALDIVES: Preserving Paradise: Sustainable Coastal Tourism in the Maldives, Dhivehi Language
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Learn more about South Africa's Ocean and Opportunities in the Blue Economy, English Language
  • PORTUGAL: 360 Degrees of Ocean, Portuguese Language
  • UKRAINE: Sustainable Coastal Tourism Development and Ocean Governance, Ukrainian language
  • SINGAPORE: The Ocean - Source of Life and Livelihoods, Hindi Language
  • THAILAND: Good Governance in Ocean Management (2 courses), Thai Language 
  • PAKISTAN: Importance of Blue Resources to Sustain Life, Livelihood and Climate with Special Reference to Pakistan and South Asian Region, Urdu & English language

First Programmes Launched by Georgia, Kenya, and Mexico IOI Ocean Academy Nodes


The IOI Ocean Academy nodes in Georgia, Mexico, and Kenya have successfully delivered their inaugural programmes,  marking another significant milestone in  our Ocean literacy and education efforts.

Georgia IOI Ocean Academy's First Programme

The Director of IOI Ocean Academy in Georgia, and IOI Alumnus (Malta 2023), Marika Makharadze, recently conducted an engaging lecture titled "Threats and Opportunities in the Ocean and Seas Today" for school pupils at Batumi Private School “Taoba.”  This session complemented the earlier ocean literacy outreach in Georgia and captivated students aged 12 to 14 with discussions on climate change, waste management, underwater noise, and renewable energy. Marika emphasized the importance of Ocean and water resources, sustainable marine practices, and potential solutions to pressing environmental challenges. The session highlighted solutions and innovations, encouraging students to think critically about combating these issues. A notable focus was on underwater noise pollution, sparking animated discussions about its impact on marine life and potential mitigation strategies. Overall, Marika’s lecture deepened students’ understanding and appreciation of the Ocean, fostering increased ocean literacy and a sense of responsibility towards marine conservation. 

Mexico IOI Ocean Academy's First Online Course 

With great success, IOI Ocean Academy Mexico presented its first online course on “Ocean Literacy in Sustainable Coastal and Marine Tourism in Mexico, with Emphasis on the Yucatan Peninsula,” from May 7 to June 6. Directed by Liliana Rodriguez Cortes, with assistance from Juan Canul, the course featured twenty experts covering ten modules on topics such as Ocean governance, sustainable Ocean economy, and marine and coastal tourism. Participants from various sectors engaged in exploring key concepts, sharing experiences, and discussing challenges and opportunities. Positive feedback emphasized the course's high scientific and academic level, enriching atmosphere, and valuable insights, prompting IOI Ocean Academy Mexico to plan its next course.

Kenya IOI Ocean Academy's First Module  

The IOI Ocean Academy Kenya successfully delivered its first 20-hour module titled “Introduction to Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Protection for a Sustainable Blue Economy in Kenya” from May 3 to June 8. Conducted in Swahili, the online course welcomed 30 participants, including early career professionals, interns, youth representatives, and women. The module covered marine science, Ocean governance, ecosystem services, and sustainable blue economy principles. Engaging lectures, interactive sessions, and participant presentations facilitated peer-to-peer learning and active involvement. Positive feedback highlighted the program's accessibility, relevance, and impact on participants' knowledge and commitment to marine conservation.  


These successful programmes by the Georgia, Kenya, and Mexico IOI Ocean Academy nodes exemplify the growing global commitment to enhancing Ocean literacy and sustainable practices through education and engagement.