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United Nations Ocean Conference 2022, 27th June - 1st July, Lisbon
IOI partnered with various organisations for two Side Events; Submitted a third Voluntary Commitment to further contribute in achieving SDG14 and submitted a written statement together with the ECOP Programme.

IOI Contributes to achieving SDG14 through Voluntary Commitments
A third Voluntary Commitment submitted by IOI at the second UN Ocean Conference.

Written Statement submitted jointly  to the 2022 UN Ocean Conference by the IOI and ECOP Programme
The IOI along with the ECOP Programme, strongly believes in the unique role of ECOPs and the need to provide them with greater engagement and capacity building opportunities if we wish to fulfil the vision of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

UN Ocean Conference, Lisbon; Highlight on Side Events with IOI participation
As an organization in consultative status with ECOSOC, the IOI shall be represented at the UN Ocean Conference (UNOC) with a delegation of three persons. This builds on the IOI’s commitment to the process, which started with the first UNOC held in 2017 in New York.