IOI Canada Online Course on Ocean Governance: SDG14 and the UN Summit of the Future, 11 April - 1 June 2023

Following a one-week, in-person workshop in December, IOI Canada recently launched its latest online course which focuses on Ocean Governance: SDG 14 and the UN Summit of the Future.  This is once again being offered in two study modes: live attendance via webinars and a popular self-paced stream which allows learning in one's own time.  Over 130 participants from nearly 50 countries have registered for this interdisciplinary training which combines webinar-style lectures, discussions, readings, videos and assignments.  Module 1 on Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance is just wrapping up, and attention will then turn to Fisheries, Aquaculture and Food Security.  The third and final module will provide an opportunity to explore a range of important issues relating to the State of the Ocean.  For more information on this interdisciplinary training, check out IOI Canada's website at


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